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Bootcamp Classes

Our bootcamp classes offer a fastpaced workout for those looking to be pushed by one of our well educated trainers

Our Equipment

Our equipment is top of the line, always well maintained, and can be used to make your return to fitness as easy as possible

Personal Training

Personal training can be set up either at the clinic or in person. Come meet our trainers and decide a time that suits you!

Our Bootcamp Classes!

Our bootcamp classes offer a variety of workouts for any fitness style. Whether your looking to maintain your current fitness level or boost yourself up, our skilled, dedicated trainers will run you through a 30-40 minute workout that is self motivated. The harder you push, the better results you'll achieve.


Our Equipment

Our gym offers a variety of different equipment. We have machines for every muscle part to help those who need to maintain form or want to push themselves to fatigue. We also have free weights for those who are more advanced and want to focus on muscle stability. We have battle ropes, weighted vests, multiple height boxes, total gym sliders, and a squat/bench rack. We also offer 15 different cardiovascular machines. 


Personal Training

For those who are looking for a more individualized approach to exercise, we do offer personal training. Come in and inquire about what we have to offer and how we can help you!